Canoeing and kayaking

People who enjoy spending their time on waterways like rivers dams and lakes use kayaks either to fish or having a ride. Those wishing to have a kayak get confused which is the best kayak for them. Well here are some tips to help you choose the best fishing kayak.

Consider yourself.

What is your height, weight, and general conditions? Big and very tall people have particular kayaks that will suit them best. The kayak is able to handle their size and weight. The legroom is sufficient plus a weight capacity that handles our gear. Small and medium people don’t need big and heavy kayak unless they will go fishing in the ocean.

Means of transport.

Kayaks have different sizes and weights. If you wish to transport your kayak in a pickup truck, it will be easy to move a bigger and heavy kayak on it. However, those with small cars need to consider the space available to load the kayak. Pick what can be easily be loaded and offloaded from your means of transport.

Kayak use.

The plan on how you will use your kayak is important. Ask your self is the kayak for freshwater use only? Where in particular is I in lakes, small rivers or ponds? Or open water bodies with waves and chops? Or salty waters, remote waters? Analyze all these questions and come up with the type of kayak that satisfies your needs.

Your fishing style and method.

There different fishing methods that include the use of artificial lures, live bait, dead bait, or all. You will need a kayak with a live-well. In case you practice fry fishing your attaching gear will be considered during purchasing the kayak.

Type of fisherman are you.

If you take your catch home then you need a storage area in or on the kayak.